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Current Issue

July-September 2021| Vol 4| Issue 3


COVID-19 endocrinology, adrenals, diabetes and obesity

Among the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of life have been put on the backburner, on the shelf or scraped completely. Fortunately, with this journal, we seem to be recovering albeit very slowly. As...


COVID-19 and the pituitary gland

Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SAR-CoV-2). COVID-19 has become a pandemic and has without precedent affected pe...


Management of adrenal insufficiency

Patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI), irrespective of whether the cause is primary, secondary, or tertiary, require glucocorticoid replacement, without which they can suffer life-threatening con...

Review Article

The pituitary gland in the COVID-19 pandemic: A narrative review of the literature

The COVID-19 pandemic has had implications in the central nervous system. COVID-19 infection is characterized by coagulation activation and endothelial dysfunction, causing the endocrine system'...

Review Article

Diabetic kidney disease update: Pathogenesis and treatment overview for clinicians

Diabetes mellitus is a common cause of chronic kidney disease that progresses to end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Albuminuria (proteinuria) is an early manifestation of diabetic kidney disease (DKD)....

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